• Have you met Greg Chase?

    Greg Chase

    Greg Chase is one of our founding members for the Nevada Hotel and Lodging Foundation.  We recently chatted with him to learn more about his vision and goals for NHLF.  […] [Read More...]

  • Meet our indispensable Irving Pamblanco

    Irving Pamblanco

    Some companies are fortunate enough to have that one person on the team who they can count on to always be there to handle any and every task or project […] [Read More...]

  • Meet Dr. Toni Repetti, NHLF Committee Leader

    Toni Repetti

    Toni joined the Nevada Hotel and Lodging Foundation when we first launched it.  She leads the education and mentor committee, sharing her vast wealth of knowledge and experience.  [Read More...]

  • NHLF provides career enrichment course scholarships

    NHLF enrichment

    What does the Nevada Hotel and Lodging Foundation do for the hospitality community? What career enrichment courses are offered for scholarship grants?  Learn about us. [Read More...]

  • Introducing NHLF Companies who Care

    Thumbnail for the post titled: Introducing NHLF Companies who Care

    The Nevada Hotel and Lodging Foundation is pleased to launch our newest fundraising partnership program:  NHLF Companies who Care [Read More...]

  • Introducing NHLF board member Cliff Atkinson

    Cliff Atkinson

    We are pleased to introduce Cliff Atkinson, NHLF board member. Cliff joined the team a few months ago and is involved in fundraising efforts.  Cliff is a visionary and seasoned […] [Read More...]

  • Introducing Megan Archambeault


    We are pleased to introduce our fundraising committee co-chair, Megan Archambeault.  Megan joined the NHLF team in late 2019 and brings an array of experience, creativity and energy to the […] [Read More...]

  • Calling all Dedicated Donors

    Join Dedicated Donors Club

    Would you like to give back to our industry?  Perhaps you are looking for ways to help provide scholarships for people in the Nevada hospitality industry.  Join our NHLF Dedicated […] [Read More...]

  • Introducing NHLF founding trustee, Chris Breed

    Chris Breed

    We are pleased to introduce one of our founding trustees for the Nevada Hotel and Lodging Foundation, Chris Breed.  Chris brings a wealth of experience, creativity, wisdom and energy to […] [Read More...]

  • Introducing the 2021 NHLF Chairperson, Shannon McCallum

    Shannon McCallum

    Shannon McCallum is our 2021 NHLF chairperson and has hit the ground running while forming committees, setting goals and overseeing the activities of the board of trustees.  Let’s learn more […] [Read More...]