Meet our indispensable Irving Pamblanco

Some companies are fortunate enough to have that one person on the team who they can count on to always be there to handle any and every task or project flawlessly that comes up with an ever-present positive attitude.  The Nevada Hotel and Lodging Association has that special person.  Meet Irving Pamblanco.

Irving Pamblanco

Irving Pamblanco serves as Vice President of Finance and Operations for the Nevada Hotel and Lodging Association and has been with NHLA since 1988 when he joined the firm as the business Accountant. He has served several corporate clients including the Nevada Hotel & Lodging Association, Nevada Restaurant Association, Nevada Tourism Alliance, the International Food Service Executive Association (IFSEA), and Heffner & Associates, Inc.  He now also serves on the Board of Trustees for the Nevada Hotel and Lodging Foundation.

Irving’s NHLA responsibilities include overseeing all accounting, finance and inventory functions, database and I.T. management, website updates and maintenance, membership email broadcasts, event participation, and new membership processing.

Irving handles the financial aspects of the foundation on a voluntary basis.  He oversees all monetary transactions, the NHLF website, and reporting responsibilities.

Irving has achieved designation from the American Hotel and Lodging Association Education Institute for Certified Guest Service Professional through passing the Guest Service Gold course and exam.

Irving Pamblanco

NHLA President, Diane Gandy, refers to Irving as “the voice of reason” as he is always calm, cool and collected.  He sees all perspectives of issues, handles them with a “can do” attitude and quietly helps to guide our members and team in a positive direction.

Q.  Irving, you have been a leader with the Nevada Hotel and Lodging Association for over 30 years.  As a start-up trustee for the foundation, you are volunteering your time for this new entity and are fiscally responsible for the scholarship fund.  What is your vision for this foundation?

A.  I would like the NHLF to be able to help as many Nevadan’s as possible with funding assistance to fulfill their hospitality careers, so they can complete their higher education training in a Nevada college or university.

Q.  How is the foundation related to NHLA and how does it serve our members?

A.  The Nevada Hotel and Lodging Association is comprised of thousands of employees through our member hotels and companies.  The foundation makes scholarships available to NHLA members and their immediate families.

The Nevada Hotel and Lodging Association and the Nevada Hotel and Lodging Foundation is very appreciative of Irving’s service.