Introducing NHLF Companies who Care

The Nevada Hotel and Lodging Foundation is pleased to launch our newest fundraising partnership program:  NHLF Companies who Care

NHLF Companies who Care gives businesses a channel with a broad audience for brand visibility, potential sales and an opportunity to give back for the education of students and members in the hospitality industry.

Participants will be included with other statewide businesses contributing a percentage of sales that the company determines to the Nevada Hotel and Lodging Foundation.  The sales will be derived from purchases made by the Nevada Hotel and Lodging Association (NHLA) members and friends of the foundation (NHLF).

We will feature your company on our foundation website with a link to your site, post your company and any special offers in our social channels as well as the NHLA Hospitality Headliner online newsletter (3000 subscribers).

Thank you to our first Companies who Care participating business:

Frisco Gift Basket Company


Sign up now – there is no cost to participate in NHLF Companies who Care

There is no cost associated to join NHLF Companies who Care.  Simply fill out the form and send us your logo.  For tracking purposes, we recommend a participating company set up a special code such as NHLF on their website for customers to include when a purchase is made related to NHLA or NHLF.  This makes it easy for the business to track and donate the appropriate percentage to the Nevada Hotel and Lodging Foundation.  To donate the designated proceeds, simply click here.

All proceeds go directly to the scholarship fund

The team at the Nevada Hotel and Lodging Foundation believes that donations should benefit the purpose of the foundation – our scholarship grant recipient program. We also understand donors expect their generous contributions to be used appropriately.  To ensure maximum benefit, no one on the board or in any capacity within the organization receives any type of compensation from the foundation.  All NHLF leaders and participants are volunteers.  This helps to maintain nominal overhead costs allowing us to utilize donations in the manner they were intended – to support hospitality industry education and career enrichment through scholarship grants.

NHLF questions

Thank you for your support.  Questions may be directed to us at any time.