Have you met Greg Chase?

Greg Chase is one of our founding members for the Nevada Hotel and Lodging Foundation.  We recently chatted with him to learn more about his vision and goals for NHLF.  See what Greg has to say.

Greg Chase

Q.  You are a founding trustee for the Nevada Hotel and Lodging Foundation.  How did you make the decision to accept the invitation to join this start-up non-profit scholarship foundation?

For me it was an easy decision. I knew from the moment that we began discussing the NHLF that it would create such a meaningful opportunity to give back to not only our industry but most importantly the incredibly hard-working men and women in hospitality. I jumped at the opportunity to become involved with the NHLF knowing it was yet another way that we can engage the hearts and minds of so many who go out of their way to care for others.

Q.  How does this foundation benefit the hospitality industry?

The NHLF benefits the hospitality industry in many ways. First, anyone looking to develop new skills, sharpen their current skills or even potentially prepare to make a career change can do so, largely in part to the incredible relationship we have with TISOH, Dale Carnegie and others. These types of programs can provide meaningful career development opportunities. I think it’s important to note that not everyone is looking to engage in a 4-year or more degree program. While the NHLF also supports those looking for longer term educational opportunities as well, I believe the magic is in the partnerships we have forged to provide more opportunities to a much larger population of talented hospitality professionals.

Q.  What is your vision for the progress of the foundation’s scholarship program?

We all know that it has been quite a difficult past year and a half with COVID still among us. I think now is a great time for everyone to take a moment and think about where they want to be in their career, their goals and aspirations, and then see how the NHLF can help to bring some of those to fruition. I am excited as business is returning at record volumes that we will soon be able to expand our scholarship offerings to benefit even more of our colleagues in our industry here in Nevada.

Q.  How can our local and statewide communities get involved and help to grow the scholarship program and fund?

SHOW US THE MONEY!… All joking aside, these programs and opportunities aren’t possible without the gift of funds and time. I would encourage leaders in our industry who may be first hearing about NHLF to have discussions with their leadership and help tell the positive story that NHLF is out to support. Additionally, it isn’t always about funds, I would also encourage anyone out there who has passion or specific skill sets they would like to share with motivated minds to reach out and see what volunteer opportunities may exist, from committees supporting the NHLF vision, to even facilitating workshop offerings, the opportunities are endless and we certainly can’t do this without you.

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